The Power of Forever Love


On this Valentine’s Day, when many of you are recalling the love you shared with a husband, wife, partner, son, daughter, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend, we acknowledge that this day is a little harder for you.

Jennifer Healy writes about love. Out of her personal grief and loss following the death of her brother, Jennifer began writing words of comfort that are helping her heal. Now, she shares her words with others, to offer comfort. 

Although the circumstances of Jennifer’s loss differ from those of you whose loved ones have passed in the care of Our Lady of Peace, we find that her words resonate. 

On this day, and any day, we hope you find comfort in the words of Jennifer Healey:

If you lost someone you love, 

how you live now is your greatest contribution 

to the love you shared, and still share. 

That love is part of who you are, 

in every step you take, 

intimately connected to your joys and your dreams. 

It’s a tattoo that can’t be removed, 

an eternal river running through your veins. 

Grief lasts a lifetime, true, but love lasts forever.

Your heart has infinite depth.

At the bottom of your brokenness,

Beneath the pain,

there is a stillness, a wisdom,

a knowing of oneness with everything 

seen and unseen. 

This is because love is an endless ocean.

It is the ever-present,

Intelligent energy that makes life possible.

And it’s inside of you right now,

beating for you.

Read more in Jennifer’s blog posts. 

Bereavement (grief) is a normal, universal response to loss. Our Lady of Peace is here for you and your family with grief support and resources.