The 4 Phases of Farewell

There are so many things you want to say to a loved one who is on their final journey, but where do you begin? With our years of hospice experience, we offer you insights on what to say during each phase…so you and your loved one can have closure and say farewell in peace.

…a time to share thoughts and feelings, a time when it is possible that a forgiveness and reconciliation are experienced. We can say we are sorry for anything that may have gone wrong between us in our relationship with another person.

…sometimes a more meaningful “I Love You” is able to be expressed after an honest “I’m sorry” has been shared. People like to hear the words “I Love You” said out loud. This expression is not something to take for granted.

…for who you have been in my life, my husband, my wife, my son, My daughter, my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my friend. A time to do some life review, looking at the good times and maybe those not so good. Getting out the family photo album or videos and sharing, expressing one’s thankfulness for who this person has been in my life.

…this may be the hardest but never the less a most important one. It is both giving and receiving permission to let go. Not that there won’t be pain and grieving, but it may be the time to say good-bye and let the other person know you will be OK.