Family Education

Understanding what your loved one is going through at the end of life is frustrating and complicated. We have made a series of short videos discussing a variety of topics of end-of-life care. Hear from medical experts Dr. Baker and Dr. Downey explain the role of hospice and what your loved one is experiencing. Click on the underlined word to see the video.

Our Lady of Peace adheres to the Centers for Disease Control and Minnesota Department of Health on all COVID 19 guidelines including personal protective equipment and other infection control guidelines to ensure patient, staff, and visitor safety. Some of the images in the following videos are from pre-covid and do not represent our current protocol.  

The Prognosis




 Understanding the Process









Managing Symptoms




Understanding Methadone

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Understanding Delirium





Stages of physical change

Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV



Lack of appetite

Part I       Part II




Special Visitors

Choosing Hospice





 The History of OLP





OLP 21-Bed Residential Hospice

Your Team

Your Care



Knowing when the time is near





Permission to Pass

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Birth & Death