Hospice Care in Your Home

Finding the Gift of Hospice in your home

 Our Lady of Peace In-Home Hospice provides care wherever a patient’s home may be. Our dedicated care teams bring the gift of hospice to you.

Hospice is not just about the end of life. It’s also about living. Family members of patients of Our Lady of Peace Hospice often say, “Hospice was a gift!” because the care their loved ones received gave families the opportunity to properly say goodbye and to savor their loved ones’ legacies. 

Quality Care

Hospice provides health and emotional support services to patients at end of life, their families, and their caregivers to reduce stress, alleviate suffering, and maintain dignity.

Specialized Care

To better serve those with dementia, our hospice staff has completed the Dementia Basics & Advanced Care Training through the Alzheimer’s Association.


Our designated COVID-19 care team follows the best COVID-19 practices. Our staff and clients are screened daily. Patients, families, and staff stay safely connected using the latest technology and Telehealth while providing our own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


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