OLP Has Received an Employee Scholarship Grant


Our Lady of Peace (OLP) has received a scholarship grant through the state of Minnesota’s Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Employee Scholarship Grant Program. The program was established to assist qualified HCBS providers in funding employee scholarships for education and training in nursing and other healthcare fields.

“Our staff is our most valuable resource,” says Nancy Larson, Hospice & Home Health Care Director of Nursing. “Our community-based home care services qualified us to apply for the grant, and it reflects our commitment to providing scholarships and loan forgiveness to people dedicated to caring for patients and families. Accessing these state funds makes it easier for our small organization to follow through with that commitment.”

The following has been made possible by this grant:

  1. A social worker will earn her master’s degree (MSW).
  2. A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is pursuing a bachelor’s degree (BSW) in social work.
  3. A registered nurse (RN) will complete a one-year program to become certified in wound and ostomy care. This will allow her to provide a higher level of patient care and be a valuable resource for our care team. 
  4. A Home Care RN is in her second year of loan forgiveness!

Nancy Larson is pleased that OLP can grant staff access to education through this grant. “Recruiting and retaining good caregivers is essential, and I’m happy that OLP can support and attract the very best.”