The Art of Compassion, Hope, Kindness and Guidance

Spiritual Care

Recognizing our spiritual care counselors.

by John Henry Hullsiek, Director of Marketing & Communications

This week we celebrated and recognized chaplains and spiritual counselors for all the work they do. It is a special calling, and I cannot be more thankful for them, especially those who compassionately provide hope, kindness, and guidance to Our Lady of Peace patients and families.

I tend to think that we only interact with spiritual counselors when we go to church, temple, weddings and funerals. We are fortunate at OLP to have the privilege of working with a spiritual team every day.

Nancy Larson, Director of OLP’s Community Hospice & Home Health Care program, was describing to me how our spiritual team works with patients and staff.  Here are her thoughts on the care that the spiritual counselors provide:

Several things that the Chaplains do for our patients and their friends/families come to mind – one is the “comfort crosses”. This is so meaningful to people and it is a physical symbol of their spirituality. I have made many On Call visits over the years and have seen the soothing power of these crosses in the hands of our patients and their loved ones. Second, from my desk I overhear the many phone conversations that our Chaplains have every day with the families of our patients who have been separated due to COVID visiting restrictions. OLP Chaplains pray with these folks, comfort them and even grieve with them.”

Every day at Our Lady of Peace, we have a morning huddle with Chaplain Kate Wagner who shares a mediation message to bring peace and guidance into our daily lives. Waking up to a message like this is inspiring, and it centers me for the day and the events that will unfold. Chaplain Brian Kroeger also shares encouraging messages with us, including this one:

Take a few moments today to sit quietly and be thankful for all that has and all that continues to nurture you.   All that has been, all that is now, and all that will ever be. Your life is a wonder and treasure because it happened.”

Rev. Brian Kroeger, Spiritual Care Counselor

Kim Perez, OLP Department Manager of Volunteers & Environmental Services shared her thoughts with me on how our spiritual care team impacts the staff at OLP:

“Here is how the spiritual care team has impacted me: Michelle and I do this almost every day when we are in our offices. As soon as we hear Judith or Brian start the afternoon inspiration over the PA, we stop what we are doing and stand outside the office and listen. For me personally, it is a time to center, quiet my mind and put a pause on the business of the day. I find that it lifts my soul.”

As healthcare consumers who advocate for yourselves in receiving the best possible care, we encourage you to use the same tenacity when pursuing hospice information and care. And when you’re seeking, include questions about spiritual care.  

Every person leaves their mark, a legacy that lives on long after moving from this world. Our Lady of Peace Hospice & Home Health Care provides the physical, emotional, and spiritual support you and your loved one needs.