Sister Polsy – A Life of Service


Our Lady of Peace (OLP) staff is honored to work alongside our Franciscan Clarist Sisters, who care for patients with love, compassion, and mercy. They are a source of comfort for patients and families, many of whom have told us, “They float into the room.” Sister Polsy is 

one of those sisters. She has dedicated her life to serving patients on two continents.

The Franciscan Clarist Sisters were founded in Kerala, India. They follow the example of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi by striving to spread the Gospel message through a life of prayer, service, and community living. Sister Polsy studied in the Sister’s School in India and decided to become a Missionary Sister. She joined the congregation in 1965 and made profession in 1967. After becoming a sister, her supervisor sent her to nursing school to become an RN.

Sister Polsy has served the Catholic Church for 57 years, 21 of them in our hospice residence. She celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 2017 and has cared for thousands of OLP patients since moving to the United States from India in 2003. In India, she served as a registered nurse and a nursing supervisor. She worked in private hospitals and government medical college hospitals in urgent care, medical and surgical units, pediatric and gynecology units, and ophthalmology. 

If you’ve had a loved one in our care, you likely have experienced the blessing of Sister Polsy’s presence. “I’m so happy to be here because between carrying out my duties, I get time to spend with Jesus in our chapel,” she says. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my work everywhere, working with the rich and the poor alike.”

Sister Polsy, we are grateful for your life of service and the honor of working alongside you, as we continue to carry out our mission together. 

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