Private Rooms for a Sacred Time


OLP Launches a Capital Campaign 

From the time a patient enters Our Lady of Peace Hospice with a warm welcome to the moment they leave this earth, they are wrapped in our care with a goal of the highest quality of life. 

Our mission is to provide gentle, compassionate care with dignity, regardless of circumstance, at no cost, and we’ve been committed to this mission for 80 years. Although we are rooted in Catholic principles, our doors are open to terminally ill people of all faiths, or no faith, and their families. And, like the caregivers before us, we treat everyone as our “guests.” 

In the early days, patients were cared for in open wards, but as time went on and people desired more privacy, double rooms were created to meet the demand. And now, to better meet the needs of our patients and families, we’re in need of private rooms where patients can gather with loved ones in the final days and moments of their lives. 

For the first time in the 80-year history of Our Lady of Peace Hospice, we are launching a Capital Campaign. We have received a $400,000 Matching Gift Challenge from THE WASIE FOUNDATION. We are grateful for this incredible opportunity and are confident that we will meet this generous challenge, doubling the impact of every gift that is given. 

Our goal is to raise $4 million dollars to dramatically improve our residential hospice home by creating fully private rooms for all patients, a protected entry, a welcoming lobby, and family waiting room, and much-needed additional parking and drop of space. 

These rooms will be sacred spaces of love, forgiveness, and peace. Naming opportunities are available. Contact Lisa Sweeney at 651-789-6826 or email