New Year Wishes from Our Lady of Peace


For many, a new year is a fresh start; a time to move from what was and focus on what lies ahead, with hope and anticipation of good things to come. This can be difficult for those who are grieving, so we would like to provide a little encouragement. 

The staff at the Our Lady of Peace (OLP) residence, and in the community, feel blessed to have cared for individuals and families in 2022, giving the gift of hospice at end-of-life. As we ring in 2023, we rejoice in the new year by sharing our gratitude, hopes and good wishes with you: 

I wish you a happy and beautiful 2023!

Michelle Buron, Volunteer Manager

I wish you good health and perseverance.

Lucy Noyola, Front Desk Receptionist

I hope patients who need us come to us for excellent care.

Lisa Sweeney, Director of Development

I wish for endurance for our steadfast OLP staff

Lindsey Pelletier, RN – Performance Improvement Coordinator

I wish for health and safety for all.

Jerri, RN – Hospice in the community

Love and light for all!

Lisa Murillo – Human Resources and Nursing Administrative Assistant 

A bright future filled with happiness!

Mary Tillman – Admissions Coordinator

I wish for peace among all people.

Kae Evensen, RN, CHPN, Mdiv – Case Manager, hospice in the community

I wish for healing and growth.

Emily Marty – Front Desk and Bereavement Assistant 

God’s grace, love, peace, health, and happiness to everyone who steps in the door of OLP.

Frezgi Hiskias, RN – Nursing Supervisor, hospice residence

A peaceful New Year! 

Peggy Lee-Horrigan – community support staff

Gratitude that the world is opening up again.

Matthew Stafford – Director of Nursing, residential hospi

I hope that we can give back more than we receive this year.

Shoua Khang – Nursing Assistant

I pray for good health, peace, and good fellowship. 

Tom Cassidy, RN – residential hospice

I wish you happy days!

Mekonnen Dori, CNA – Nursing Assistant, residential hospice

Goodness and grace for patients, families, and staff.

Patty Lee – OLP chaplain

Joy, humor, and laughter, when you least expect it.

Heather Zenk – Development Assistant

More sanity and peace in the world.

John Henry Hullsiek – Director of Marketing and Communications

I wish that everyone will be healthy!

Harry Pal, CNA – Nursing Assistant

I wish that all will have hope. Hope is like a little girl who falls asleep easily and wakes up with

a smile. Hope is abiding. 

Judith Oberhauser – OLP chaplain

I hope we all stay healthy.

Greg Deacy – Plant Manager

I wish for peace.

Amy Cotter – Bereavement Services Director

Peace and good health to all! 

Patrice Engelmann – OLP admissions 

May everyone feel peace and hope as we slide into 2023.

Julia Hankins, RN – Nurse Case Manager, home health care

I want the families of OLP to feel at peace. 

Kelly Pastika – Front Desk Receptionist 

Be kind to people.

Juan Perez – Groundskeeper 

My wish for the new year is that no child is homeless. 

Rosie Moriarty, LPN – Nurses Aid

I wish for hope and health for all.

Kim Perez – Department Manager

Health, happiness, and peace. 

Rossana Ackerman – Food Service Director 

Continued success and happiness for your families.

Joe Stanislav – President/CEO

I wish for good Health for staff, families, and communities and I wish that all of us will bounce back from what we’ve been through over the past few years.

Nancy Larson, RN, CHPN – Director of Nursing, hospice in the community

Happiness and good health!

Sheila Bethke – Controller

Be healthy!

Denise Borgland, RN – Assistant Director Of Nursing

I wish that all stay healthy, and don’t get sick. 

Amy Kohler-Killeen, MSW, LICSW – Social Worker, hospice & home health care 

Happy New Year from Our Lady of Peace!