National Walking the Dog Day


According to @nationaltoday, it’s #nationalwalkingthedogday. Except for cold winter days, Minnesotan’s love walking their dogs, and Minnesota dogs love spending time with their humans. 

We’re happy to say there are dogs walking in the halls of Our Lady of Peace. Chuck, Bailey, and Bonnie are highly trained therapy dogs, certified to do the work they do. They love bringing love and support to our patients, and our patients love their company. 

We are also grateful to have had Josie on our team. After years of service, and a short retirement, Josie passed away and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June of 2021. You will see Josie if you click to watch the video below. Josie, we miss you.

We are sad to report that another beloved therapy dog, Bubba, recently passed away. His dad, Jerry, sent an email this past Saturday to tell us he had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He also said, “Typically Bubba wasn’t a big fan of putting on a dog collar or a bandana, but when his red bandana came out of the drawer he would immediately hop up on the sofa and wait patiently for me to put it on because he knew that it meant we were going to comfort “his” hospice patients and their families at Our Lady of Peace. He absolutely loved being there for people who needed and wanted his love and support.” Bubba, we will miss you.

Happy National Walking the Dog Day, everyone. When you walk your dog today, please think of Chuck, Bailey, and Bonnie, and the important work they do, bringing comfort and love to OLP patients and families. Please also remember Josie and Bubba who brought so much joy to our patients. We invite you to click on the link below to get a glimpse of these amazing canines, and a special tribute to our sweet Josie.