More Ways to Give

Publicly-Traded Stocks

These are easy to give and can offer you great tax advantages. If you’ve held the stock for more than one year, you can make a gift of publicly traded stock to Our Lady of Peace and avoid paying capital gains tax on the transaction. Your broker can make the transaction electronically, upon your authorization.

Real Estate

Residences, vacation homes, farmland and other real estate can be given, subject to Our Lady of Peace Gift Acceptance Policy. You can even give your home, cabin, farm or vacation property and continue to live there during your lifetime.


While this involves longer-term planning, a gift made through your will can benefit Our Lady of Peace in years to come, perhaps creating an endowment in memory of a loved one. You may wish to designate a specific amount or percentage of your estate for Our Lady of Peace. Sample bequest language is available.

Qualified Retirement Assets

Your retirement fund can be taxed at a high rate if passed on to heirs, but can pass to charities without taxation. Leaving a part, or all, of your remaining assets to Our Lady of Peace as part of your estate planning is a very simple gift to make.

Gifts that Pay You Income

Planned gifts such as a Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust can provide income for you or a family member now and pass to Our Lady of Peace in the future.

Rose Hawthorne Legacy Society

The Rose Hawthorne Legacy Society was founded in memory of Our Lady of Peace’s foundress and offers services to those wishing to leave a lasting legacy to Our Lady of Peace after their passing. All donation types listed here are examples of gifts that may suit your individual situation.

Download our brochure here.

For more information or to discuss your donation options, please contact our development director.

Lisa Sweeney