Meet our OLP Marketing Team


The marketing team for Our Lady of Peace finds the words and images that capture our compassionate care and tell our stories of kindness, love and support. From public-facing marketing campaigns and ads to blogs and videos that highlight our hospice and home health services, their goal is to educate individuals and families on everything from medical to spiritual care.

As Director of Marketing and Communications, John Henry Hullsiek draws from decades of experience in market analysis, branding, strategic planning, advertising, print and digital communications, and social media. His background in home health care and pharmaceuticals gives him extra perspective on the work we do, and why it’s important. John Henry is known for his innate technology skills and quest for finding new applications that enhance the delivery of information to staff, patients, and their families.

“Be kind and gentle wherever you go. Love will lead the way,” are the words John Henry lives by. He says, “I want to work from the heart and from our mission, rather than working for a bigger house, a boat or a car. It’s more fulfilling to me.” He is also amazed by the people he gets to work with every day. “I learn so much from the stories of OLP families. I get to dive in and see the many levels of each person.” John Henry always has his finger on the pulse of hospice care locally and nationally and how it impacts OLP patients and families.

Kathy Wedemeyer is OLP’s Community Outreach Advocate. In addition to Twin Cities communities, Kathy makes sure Our Lady of Peace is known by health care providers, health care organizations, and senior living communities. She does this by providing educational opportunities for industry professionals to learn more about hospice care and its value. She also plays a major role in developing and executing marketing initiatives from postcards to brochures, events, social media, and video.

Believing her work must be filled with purpose, there’s no doubt as to why Kathy and John Henry make a good team. In fact, before coming to OLP, they worked together in the pharmaceutical industry, so have spent over 20 years on the job, together. “We’re Yin and Yang,” Kathy says. “We complement each other and never worry about the work getting done. We’ve got each other’s back, and if one of us is moving too fast, the other slows them down.”

Kathy says it’s easy to promote Our Lady of Peace because she loves and believes in the mission. “I get families to try us, and our amazing team does the rest. Everyone who works here from our groundskeeper to dietary staff, nurses, physicians, social workers and chaplains; we’re all here for the same reason — to help families through a very difficult time. Our work is not about money, it’s about heart, and feeding our souls.”  

From a hospice education video produced in the Hmong language to a multi-level marketing strategy for celebrating OLP’s 80th Anniversary, this marketing team has it covered! Thank you, Kathy and John Henry, for all you do to increase awareness of compassionate care at OLP!

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