Meet OLP Volunteer Evan Cross


Evan Cross began volunteering at Our Lady of Peace Hospice in support of his application for medical school. What looked good on his resume became something he loved. Evan says, “The people are really kind and genuine.”

Volunteering at OLP impacted the way Evan looks at life. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to be appreciative of what I have,” says Evan. “There are people in circumstances here that I wouldn’t trade places with for anything, and the fact that they’re still able to smile, and be willing to let volunteers come to see them is pretty amazing.”

Evan enjoys interacting with older individuals and having real conversations with them. “A lot of them are really straightforward,” he says. “They just tell me how it is–straight up–I love that. I thought they might be kind of calm and quiet, but they talk to me and shoot me jokes–they’re not much different than I am.” He added, “It seems crazy that we’re so alike, just at different spots in life. That genuine interaction is really special.”

By the way, Evan was accepted to into medical school. He continued to get on-the-job training at Our Lady of Peace for three year, for which we are grateful. We wish Evan all the best in his bright future!

Thank you for your service, Evan.