Macalester College Students Talk About Hospice


If you read last week’s blog post, you stepped inside the Anthropology of Death and Dying class at Macalester College. The course is taught by Ron Barrett, a former hospice nurse who is now a professor of anthropology. The course examines the dying process and the ways that human beings come to terms with their mortality in different societies. One of the course requirements is volunteering with a hospice organization. 

Our Lady of Peace hosted three Macalester student volunteers, two in our hospice residence, and one within our hospice in the community program. Vyen Hayag and Paige Tomer spent time with patients, sitting beside them, and holding their hand. Laura Sullivan blessed patients by delivering their dinner with kindness and respect, making sure they received the right meal amid dietary restrictions, and taking time for individualized attention.  

We had the opportunity to interview these young people on camera about their OLP experience, the gifts they gave, and the gifts they received. 

Meet Vyen, Laura, and Paige