Hospice Nurses are the Midwives of the Soul


Time and time again, our hospice nurses say they are “called to serve.” They bring a high level of compassion to the job, resulting in peace and comfort for patients and their families. We would like to introduce you to a few of our finest, as we recognize National Hospice Month.

It’s been said that Kathy has an endearing quality, with the ability to navigate changing situations and make people feel immensely comfortable, amid the struggle of a terminal diagnosis. She has cared for people with grace for over 25 years and serves patients and families in our Community Hospice program.

Patients and families trust Community Hospice Nurse Mia Yang because she’s always there when they need her. Mia advocates for her patients, and they value her ability to prepare them for the journey ahead, while guiding them along the way. She has a pleasant disposition and acts professionally in every situation. Mia is currently volunteering her time to help Our Lady of Peace provide information on hospice care to people within the Hmong community. Her commitment to this initiative will help make it possible for people to access care for themselves and loved ones, when they need it.

Care Team
Lindsey Pelletier RN, Brian Kroeger, Spiritual Care Counselor, Mia Yang RN & janie Sydor, RN

Lynette Baker has cared for Our Lady of Peace patients and families for over three decades. She is a thorough nurse who is loved by patients and colleagues. Community Hospice and Home Health Care Director Nancy Larson said Lynette was recently recognized by her colleagues for a “Moment of Excellence.” Knowing her elderly patient and his wife loved polka dancing before his illness, she wheeled the man out into a common area within the memory care wing and turned on polka music. He “danced” with Lynette from his wheelchair and delighted in the moment.

Tom Cassidy came to Our Lady of Peace 30 years ago as a nurse’s aide. He later earned his nursing license and has cared for patients in our residential hospice home ever since. Tom describes himself as “a worker bee.”

 OLP Residential Hospice Director of Nursing Matthew Stafford says, “He is without a doubt, the person I think of when I think of integrity and passion as a person and a nurse.”

Tom is an even keeled, gentle caregiver that Stafford calls upon to mentor newly hired nurses. Time and time again, family members tell Stafford, “We love Tom.” He added, “Tom Cassidy is a great example of what hospice care is.”

Sometimes, very sick patients come into our home healthcare program from oncology clinics, not wanting to face the idea of hospice because it feels like gloom and doom. But, once they realize that the goal of Our Lady of Peace is to provide the highest quality of life possible, they accept our hospice philosophy. Time after time, this acceptance leads our patients to comfort, and peace of mind, body and spirit.

As educated healthcare consumers who advocate for yourselves in receiving the best possible care, we encourage you to use the same tenacity when pursuing hospice information and care. And remember that Medicare covers hospice care, so I’ve you’re on Medicare, you’ve paid for it in premiums, so you deserve to utilize it.