Gifts of Kindness from Holiday Hearts


The best gifts of the holiday season are found in beautiful lights, fallen snow, gathering with family, sharing memories, and acts of kindness. All these things are appreciated at Our Lady of Peace (OLP) but acts of kindness are most treasured. 

In our experience, acts of kindness seem to have the most impact on our patients, their families, and everyone who walks through the door of our hospice residence. Staff within our home health care, in-home hospice, and Highland Block Nurse program, hospice residence, and bereavement program provide care with kindness and dignity. They go the extra mile to provide the best care possible. They are also kind to each other and share notes of gratitude for kindness and support.  

Our Lady of Peace would not be able to provide care at no cost to patients in our hospice residence without acts of kindness. Kind, dedicated donors give financial gifts that make it possible for people to die with dignity, and without leaving a financial burden to their families.

It eases stress and allows them to focus on their loved one in their final days. 

This holiday season, we ask you for an act of kindness for patients and families in the new year. A gift from your holiday heart will make it possible for us to serve families at no cost, beyond what is covered by Medicare. This is our mission that began with the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne over 80 years ago, and it will continue with your support. 

Donating is easy. Simply click here to make your end-of-year gift.

We leave you with the writing of poet Maya Angelou….

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did, but people will

never forget how you made them feel.