EMT Complaint is a Blessing


The gifts of the holidays are not always measured in the size of a box, or what’s in it. Recently, the staff of Our Lady of Peace Hospice received a gift at a time when we needed it most; a time when it’s a little bit harder to keep our bodies and our spirits healthy.

We wish to express our thanks to an EMT who recently spoke up in a creative way and brightened our day with a complaint, in these words, repeated to us by Matthew Stafford, Director of Nursing in our Residential Hospice:

Dear Staff, 

Today during the physician’s visit, I was summoned to the first floor because the EMT who was bringing in one of our new admits insisted on seeing the person in charge because he had a complaint. I found an EMT who appeared to be quite agitated, and he asked me if I was here to see him, and if I was the person in charge. I introduced myself and said that I understood that he had a complaint. He said:

Yes, you haven’t rubbed off enough on every other place that I go to. When we come here, we are greeted outside by friendly staff who escorts us to the room where we are going. I hear staff asking immediately how the person that we are bringing in is doing. They introduce themselves and welcome both the patient and us. The grounds are beautiful, the building is clean, the rooms are welcoming, and they smell good, and there is no chaos, only peace and calm. The staff actually helps us, and we are treated with respect, just like a real human being. My complaint is that you are not doing enough to make every other place like this one. 

Matthew thanked the EMT for his “complaint,” and for his service, and wished him “Merry Christmas.” We understand that what every employee does here collectively sends a message to all who enter, and we are honored to serve. To all who have, will, and may be considering walking through our front door; we promise to always do our very best for you, and your family, no matter what time of year it is, or how we may be feeling at the time. It’s not what we do. It’s who we are.

Merry Christmas.