CNA’s are Essential Caregivers


When you walk into a patient’s room at the Our Lady of Peace Residential Hospice, you will immediately see the compassionate work of our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s). You will find a bed with colorful sheets and a matching quilt, and often times, the bed linens will also match the night gown or pajamas worn by the patient. This level of commitment to quality of life runs deep within our CNA’s. A perfect example is the time Matthew Stafford, Director of Nursing, once returned to a room with a patient to find that the linens he had changed less than an hour ago had been changed again, because they didn’t match. Matthew’s reaction clearly remains etched in his mind as he continues to share the story, ending with “Can you imagine the comfort and peace of mind that comes to a family member when they see this kind of detailed attention and care for their loved one? It’s the kind of care that typically results in a bond between our CNA’s and the families we serve.” 

Whether in our hospice residence or wherever our patients call home, CNA’s provide basic care to patients, assisting with things they are unable to do on their own, like walking, eating, bathing, and using the restroom. Some are trained medication aids (TMA’s) as well, so can provide medication with clearance from the on duty registered nurse (RN). They are essential caregivers with hearts for helping and providing support.

It is uncommon for people in this profession to remain in it for an extended period of time. Many go on to further their careers with nursing degrees, and many remain here to continue the important role they play in the end-of-life care they provide. Matthew Stafford says, “They are a special group of people. Most of our CNA’s come to us with experience in other facilities, and their unique skills and gifts are immediately apparent.” The religious sisters of Our Lady of Peace also operate under the CNA job description, bringing both physical and spiritual support to patients.

The Our Lady of Peace Hospice staff is grateful to our CNA/TMA colleagues and recognizes the high level of commitment and care they bring to our patients.

Kim Apfelbacher                               

Sidney Bethke

Kay Bohaty 

Nirmala Dias

Mekonnen Dori

Kelli Jean Duncan

Sister Gracelet

Katie Hawkins

Liz Hermes

Sister Jenny

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