Celebration of Life Event Honors Loved Ones and Brings Peace


There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they are gone, the light remains.

Some of the families of people who passed in our care recently gathered at Our Lady of Peace (OLP) for a service of remembrance and celebration of lives well-lived. There was light and a feeling of peace and love within it.

Grief is a normal, universal response to loss. Our Lady of Peace is here for you and your family with resources and support for up to 13 months after your loved one’s passing. Our annual Celebration of Life is one of the ways we provide support. 

As the holidays approach, we pause to remember those our hearts still hold; those who made life so special and those who will be cherished forever.

Over the years, Chaplain Judith Oberhauser has been blessed to be with patients in the final days and moments of their lives. Moved by what they said at that time, Judith documented their final words, as they left the earth. These words were shared at our annual Celebration of Life event in our chapel on December 3rd, and we would like to share a few of them with you:

I am free from fear. I have a smile on my lips, laughter in my voice, and a twinkle in my eye. 

I am free from suffering. I am happy. I am embraced in God’s healing light.

I went somewhere. I don’t know. It was real nice. It was beautiful. There were people there.

 They were angels, I think.

It will not be long now. I will soon be sitting on Jesus’ lap, and I will let him love me.

I am going up.

Phil, I am ready to go. Please dress me in my lavender dress and my tiara. 

Don’t forget my gloves.

As I was born, I came through a door, and I will leave through a door. I am not afraid.

The light these people brought to the world will remain, and this Christmas season, we  are blessed to know they are resting in heavenly peace. 

From our OLP family to yours….We wish you endless blessings this holiday season and hope in the New Year.