Therapy Dogs of Our Lady of Peace: Update!!!!


Put your paws together for Chuck, Josie, Bailey, and Bonnie the canine crew that can light up a room in an instant and bring love to hospice patients at Our Lady of Peace.

We have been missing them and we reached out on a Zoom call out to see how they are. They are waiting to come back to Our Lady of Peace Hospice and help patients and families

Zoom Meeting with OLP Therapy Dogs!

When on duty at Our Lady of Peace in the winter, Josie takes an occasional break to frolic in the snow with her Dad, Don, to the sound of sleigh bells.



Our Lady of Peace patients, families, and staff continue to be blessed by the unconditional love of our furry volunteers, and their devoted dog parents provide patients along their end of life journey. The care team at Our Lady of Peace has witnessed these therapy dogs bringing comfort and joy to patients and families, helping reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Thank you to Chuck, Mike, Josie, Don, Bailey, Mary, Bonnie, Gretchen for the important work you do at Our Lady of Peace. You are a blessing to us all.