The Richman Family Finds Comfort at OLP


Phyllis Richman was born in Tracy, MN, just 7 miles from the setting for the “Little House on the Prairie” story. She learned to play the piano and saxophone and continued to love good music throughout her life. Phyllis was a wife to Berle for almost 60-years, mother to Debbie and Amy, and a nurse to many. She devoted her life to caring for people on both ends of life, with experience in pediatrics and and long-term care.

When Phyllis was diagnosed with metastatic small cell lung cancer in August of 2020, she knew that in the coming months, she would need more care than her devoted husband and daughters could provide. Fortunately, the Richman family found their way to Our Lady of Peace, where they found compassion, peace, and focused time together, without worry.

Prior to Phyllis’ passing on November 13, 2020, the Richman family shared their Our Lady of Peace story, so other families could get a look inside the place they describe as, “a blessing on all counts.” We invite you to watch their video that highlights moments of comfort from root beer floats to hospice nurses and the gift of family time together.

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