Myths & Realities

There are a lot of myths surrounding Our Lady of Peace and the services we provide at our Medicare-certified 21-Bed Residential Hospice. Here, we aim to correct those misconceptions and clarify our important mission. Click each myth to reveal the reality.

MYTH: Patient must be Catholic.

REALITY: All are welcome, regardless of their beliefs.

MYTH: Cancer diagnosis required.

REALITY: All terminal diagnoses are considered for adult admissions.

MYTH: Patients must be actively dying.

REALITY: Our Hospice program serves anyone who meets Medicare’s requirements for hospice services.  However, in our 21-Bed Residential Hospice, we generally serve those in their last 4–6 weeks of life.  

MYTH: The application process takes weeks.

REALITY: Patients may be admitted within 24 hours or less if all appropriate documentation is submitted.

MYTH: Patients cannot leave once admitted.

REALITY: Patients may leave on a pass with a responsible party.

MYTH: There are never any openings.

REALITY: On average, we admit 30+ patients per month.

MYTH: Only patients with serious financial hardship are admitted.

REALITY: We admit patients based on caregiver referrals and level of need.

MYTH: Patients need to be signed up with a community-based hospice prior to admission.

REALITY: No need to be signed up with a previous hospice. We are here to help.

MYTH: Our Lady of Peace charges a fee.

REALITY: We provide care at our Hospice Residence at no cost to patients and families.