Honor a Person You Loved with a Summer Memorial Ritual


The summer season is known for family fun and happy memories and because of this, the absence of a loved one can be more pronounced. Sometimes, bringing that person into your outdoor activities can enhance the memories and give you some comfort.

Here are 5 ideas for bringing someone you loved into summer activities:

  1. Book a summer trip to a place they loved.

From the shores of a Minnesota lake to the beaches on the ocean, plan a trip to a destination that brought joy to your loved one or happy memories to you and your family. 

  1. Plan a family picnic with their favorite foods. 

From tater tot hotdish to spaghetti and barbecued ribs, think of the dishes your grandmother, mom, dad, sister, brother…made that family and friends loved and complimented. Make these foods with their recipes and serve them at your picnic. As you enjoy the food, share a memory surrounding each dish.

  1. Volunteer for a cause they supported.

It’s common for people to give a memorial gift to a charity loved by a friend or family member who passed away. Stepping beyond a financial donation to give of your time for the cause is a deeper gift of honor and remembrance.  

  1. Gather at sunset and toast their memory.

Grab a bottle of champagne or other beverage and gather on the shores of your loved one’s favorite lake or another happy place. Propose a toast of remembrance as the sun goes down and share your favorite stories. 

  1. Plant a perennial in your garden.

A perennial plant that blooms in the spring and summer can be an annual gift to your family as it rises from the earth. Choose your loved one’s favorite flower or something that reminds you of them. If nothing comes immediately to mind, consider a bleeding-heart plant that blooms with delicate pink and white hearts. 

May you find comfort in creating and recalling happy memories this summer with the people you love.

Our Lady of Peace is here to support you through your grieving process. For more information and resources, visit the grief support page of our website