Give the Gift of Hospice


Local families are receiving the gift of hospice care at no cost, thanks to our supportive 

Our Lady of Peace community.

Gary and Vicki Dibble were married for 30-years when Vicki was diagnosed with lung cancer. Terrified by the thought of losing his wife to the disease, Gary did everything he could to help her fight it, but the cancer spread to her bones, so the time for hospice had come. 

With a pile of hospital bills, Gary knew he would need to sell his belongings to pay for hospice care, including his Alaskan fishing boat that was filled with memories of his wife. Before the grieving husband walked out the door to begin making hospice arrangements, a hospital social worker said, “I know of a place where it won’t cost you a dime; it’s charitable.” “I will do whatever it takes to pay my bill,” Gary replied. Then the social worker explained the mission of Our Lady of Peace Hospice. 

For more than 80 years, Our Lady of Peace has provided end of life care in their residential hospice home in St. Paul at no cost, beyond what is covered by Medicare. And for over two decades, we have brought hospice and home health care to people in the community, wherever home may be. 

As you know, Our Lady of Peace is a nonprofit hospice, and gifts of love and compassion sustain us, making it possible for people like Gary to live their lives with fewer challenges in the aftermath of losing the person they love. Gary says, “I couldn’t have found a better place for Vicki. I’m not rich, but I sure felt rich there.”

Recently, at the Friends of Our Lady Luncheon, people gathered to learn more about our new private care suites where families will gather to say goodbye to their loved ones at end of life.

If you were unable to attend the luncheon, but would still like to donate, we welcome your gift.

The luncheon and all associated donations will go to patient care, general operating expenses, and to making our wonderful staff feel valued and well-supported so they can continue to do the incredible work they do. Families have told us time and time again how much the staff means to them.

This is the largest annual fundraiser for Our Lady of Peace Hospice. The money raised at this event makes it possible for Our Lady of Peace to give the gift of hospice care, free from financial worry, allowing families to focus on the remaining time they have together. 

We are grateful for your support.

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